American Real is a video talk show featuring some of the most fascinating people from around the world.

Our mission is to raise global consciousness. The uncensored and uncut show is broadcast through various online platforms including iTunes, YouTube, Facebook and our website www.americanreal.tv.


A new episode is released each Sunday!

Our goal

We aim to promote personal growth and development through the stories of our guests and the content produced. Our goal is to empower and enlighten our viewership through their own self-discovery, realizing their own Hero’s Journey. In addition, the American Real Academy and LIVE TRIBE provides our global community with new ideas and creative ways of thinking through our online workshops, courses and our Inner Circle group.

Roger L. Brooks is the founder and host of American Real and American Real Media.

Anthony Brunelli

In August 2017, American Real was born when Roger L. Brooks launched Episode #1, The Art of Real, with his longtime friend, Anthony Brunelli. Brunelli was instrumental in helping the podcast get off the ground. His 5-story, turn-of-the-century brick-building, is home to the American Real studios.

Brian Rose

It was; however, the inspiration and training under Brian Rose, the founder and host of London Real and the London Real Academy, where Brooks earned his start. On September 29, 2017 Brooks interviewed Rose in London in an episode entitled, Our 100 Year-Plan, which would later become known as the final interview aired from the original London Real Studios. The epic interview set a London Real broadcasting record at four hours and nineteen minutes.

American Real is also home to the American Real Academy, which offers online workshops and courses including; Build Your Own Brand, Podcast Your Passion and Real Talks. The courses are offered through an online workshop program by certified American Real instructors. In addition, American Real is also home to LIVE TRIBE WORLDWIDE, a LIVE video platform and movement, which is helping to enrich the lives of its members through the use of LIVE video recordings. The LIVE TRIBE is run in part by its curator, Gav Carlos.

Michael Leonard, Producer and Director of Operations

Michael is a visual artist and producer born in Binghamton, NY and currently resides in Rochester, NY. He works for the University of Rochester, while also running his own small production company. As Producer and Director of Operations for American Real, Michael brings his passion for individual focused storytelling and human learning alongside his technical know-how.