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The American Real Academy brings on top-level instructors for our courses, providing thought-provoking ideas and leadership within their fields of expertise. Each instructor has participated in LIVE TRIBE and have also been interviewed on our weekly talk show.

Cassie Saquing

Cassie Saquing, Profit Passion Academy founder, is a married mom of 2 teens and 2 young adults. Thirteen years ago, she started and currently co-owns/manages a successful daycare business just outside New York City. She was raised in rural Southern Michigan, attended College in downtown Chicago and now lives in the suburbs of NYC. Profit Passion Academy online began from a desire to educate ambitious women on how to monetize their passions and visions via coaching and eCourses. PPA focuses on mastering CX (Customer Experience) and business innovations, plus systematizing your business to create passive income.

Ben Tanzer

Ben Tanzer is an Emmy-award winning creative strategist, writer, coach and teacher who lives in Chicago with his family. He has had work published in Punk Planet, Clamor, Men’s Health and Rhapsody magazine and written a series of award-winning books including Be Cool – a memoir (sort of), SEX AND DEATH, Lost in Space, and Orphans. Ben also regularly speaks on topics such as branding, publishing and writing personal narrative; serves on the board of Hypertext Magazine & Studio and curates the cultural website This Blog Will Change Your Life.

Melissa Killeleagh

Mother, daughter, educator, marketer, consultant, and lover of life are a few of the many hats I wear. Born in Buffalo, NY, I first fell in love with the Fingerlakes at the age of 16 visiting a friend at Ithaca College. After finishing my undergraduate degree there five years later, I left for the West Coast having accepted a full-time position with Americorps in San Francisco. I also lived and worked on St. Helena’s island in South Carolina before returning to the Fingerlakes region (I often think there’s something in the water!). After I completed a graduate degree at Binghamton University, I worked for ten years in finance, volunteered in my community, spent time falling in love with the Fingerlakes, traveled, and began building a part-time business with Arbonne International. Several years ago, I retired myself from the “9 to 5” and decided to commit to my career in the network marketing industry. There is nothing that compares to the time freedom that allows me to invest my time where and how and with whom I choose, especially once my son arrived in 2016. As a “mompreneur,” I believe that the greatest difference I get to make in this world is being present in his life full-time while showing people how to dust off their dreams and build a life by design with a wall of financial security around it.

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